In defense of theism in a scientific world

"Certain of our positivists keep chiming to us, that, amid the wreck of every other god and idol, one divinity still stands upright, — that his name is Scientific Truth, and that he has but one commandment, but that one supreme, saying, Thou shalt not be a theist, for that would be to satisfy thy subjective propensities, and the satisfaction of those is intellectual damnation. These most conscientious gentlemen think they have jumped off their own feet, — emancipated their mental operations from the control of their subjective propensities at large and in toto. But they are deluded. They have simply chosen from among the entire set of propensities at their command those that were certain to construct, out of the materials given, the leanest, lowest, aridest result, — namely, the bare molecular world, — and they have sacrificed all the rest."

This sunset had me at ease. I remember it, the breeze was calm. The colors ever-changing. Sometimes all we need to do is look up. The sky is such a spectacle.

Mountain Goat  (Oreamnos americanus) by Heidi Schuyt Photography

the driveway is plowed by green rumble on Flickr.

Best image on the internet. At least today. Goddam I wanna ride that!